Clean Your Own Mess…


Spoonfed. Every single day. Its our Malaysian routine being spoonfed and obviously the provider is, the media. Either printed or online, actually we are hearing things at the scene.

To think about it, actually those are hearsays, some comes with pictures.

Too much fuss in today’s media. Everything is scrutinised. Everything can come to a conclusion that it is a scandalous or propaganda. Nothing escapes from the eagle’s eyes of rakyats. To the nano microscopic scope.

In the 80’s, the life of MP’s are exclusive and seldomly appeared in the news. Everybody seems doesn’t care about it. How rich they are, its their story. Now, if their daughter got straight A’s or got drunk, its everybody’s scoop of the day.

In the 80’s, what matters most is putting nasi lemak (bread and butter) on the table. That well I can remember.

It is normal. Everyone have their own problem. But then, everyone else can comment bout what they read or hear. There’s no limitation on that.

But then again, out of curiosity, being a kay poh chee, I wanted to read good clarification, on how to solve or rebut the accusations. Right or wrong, I consumed no benefit. Just satisfaction “undescribeable” to normal justification, because it doesn’t solve my daily problems, it only solved theirs !!!!

Court cases can be rejected on bases of procedures and technical basis. And now, normal people wanted to be self-judge, and gave their sentence every five years. For the current MP’s to live or die in the humid Malaysian political scene, at least.

Having said that, its their life ! After “forced retirement”, most of them have tonnes of money to spend with. Believe me. Check out the palace they’ll be living upon their political career being flush down the drain. Obviously, they will have the last laugh. Its the title, not the money.

But to be fair, there are also some of them who really served their term and gain almost nothing out of it. I know, but reluctant to mention names.

But even then, I strongly urge that to whom their problems or accusations being placed, let them solve their own mess. We are not the paid “cleaners” to clear the air. Well, being said that, some of them are !!!

Nowadays, they are too many “fanners of other’s back” ( a college private joke … :p ).

Do they get rewarded? I don’t think so. Maybe some of them gets a bite. And the jealous ones wanted to get the same slice as well. Dream on.

When the “mad feedlot cow” scandal hits the water, KJ came to the rescue. What KJ had to do with the problem ? Can’t the Minister and the owner defends itself?

When Rosmah being in the centre of the ring’s brawl, she never wanted to be rescued. Not even a police report on her side, to the allegations made. So what’s the fuss about saving her ?

Najib and Altantuya, Anwar and Saiful… The commoners takes the matter more serious than the accused. Saying words that they will regret. Losing childhood friends. Even dividing families into pieces, because of somebody else’s problems.

Everybody involved is actually wanted to be heroes. Acting as a hero to save their heroes. Now tell me, who is the actual one ?

I mean the actual hero… lol

MP’s and their crony(s) have their own resources. Staffs, PR execs… So let them handle the mess.

They have the data. They have the materials and proof. They see it with their own eyes. They experienced it. So, who are we to judge them based on news and hearsays ?

Mahathir, Nik Aziz, Tony Fernandes and the Mydin owner(s) have my full support. They held their own pc’s and giving excellent explanations on issues regarding their post / company. Its plain and simple. The message is clear. Because the person who speaks knows the best.

Everyone clings on to their own perception, making conclusions that meets the best in their way of thinking.

There’s no right or wrong answer. Its how people absorbs the text. If its true and logical enough, people will digest.

Be brave lads. If somebody make the mess out of you, isn’t it right and courageous for you to smack them right at the centre of, the face perhaps ???

Find your balls… your guts… Fight for your own rights.

The accusations makes you bad. But your silent response makes it worst.

Now… Want to hire me to find your balls …. ???


P/s : sorry for bad english. rusted and need some polishing work… 😉


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