Kill… and you will survive


Mass killing of character. Most people wanted to be mass murderer of character to stay alive in his act.

If a person commits a crime, enforcers lock them up, and after a certain cooling off period, they are free again to start a new brand of life. That’s the logic of the whole jail term thingy.

Repent. Repentious act. The criminal act, not to be repeated. And we should give them a second chance.

Do not discriminate. Don’t play God. We are mortals. There’s a reason why they are still here. To live among us.

In Japan, a minister will step down, and some commits suicide if their scandalous act is made public. Even a minor one.

To endure the character attack is not honourable enough. To gain pride and honour for the whole family, they take drastic acts. I will not ellaborate on that, simply because I do not understand the culture in the land of the rising sun.

But I will say this, killing oneself is not an Islamic act of repenting.

In Malaysia, character killing plays a pivotal role.

Some uses media. Others may slander. And to some extent, the help of black magic is the option. The end mean is the same. To kill the character for the survivor could live for a certain period.

Killing a hero will make him a martyr. Killing his character will make him the worst citizen ever. Thats the basic principle.

For instance, a single roach in a makcik’s nasi lemak will end her good business. Customers will spread the news. Disgusted and irritated. Her good 22 years track record and loyal customers will not try to console her. No matter its her fault, or the act of her neighbouring nemesis.

She will have to start again in another place. Start a new character with the same role that she is good at.

In politics, the rift between opposition parties often condems the other side’s alleged wrongdoings. It is not to rectify. But often to bury their enemies six feet under.

As it ticks, you can reach any newstand. You can see that enormous section given place in the printed media. Condemning the act of the rival parties.

And guess what ???

There are no actual suggestion on how to rectify the situation.

No suggested solution. No ideas on how to make the wrong things right.

Just blaming. Pointing out fingers. Nothing else. Nothing new. Blame first.

Run the competitors to the ground. Gain popularity. Bit by bit.

Survival of the fittest. The one who can storm the weather will stand a chance.

As a normal rakyat, I personally suggesting that we change our life concept.

We advice, not condemn.
We give solutions, not problems.
We support each other to create a great country to live in.

Don’t get carried away. Think for a while, what are we actually fighting about. What is the end result that we want ?

Malaysia is a very small country. But never deny our rights to have a big heart.

So, the next time you hear about plots of character killing, bare in mind that someone is going to make a living out of it.

Don’t be a part of it. Embrace life. Be a supportive samaritan. Live in harmony.


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