Jack, I Know What You Will Do Next Summer


I smiled. Read the headline. “Asal Bukan UMNO” (ABU). “Gerakan Anti Pakatan” (GAP). What the heck !!!

The purpose of politicking is to get in power. To control people (and other free delicious froyo toppings).

So get your priorities right dear citizens and wannabe candidates. It’s not to topple the existing government or said to be government. It’s to have the people’s support for your party or coalition to manage Malaysia. The idea is to manage your country, not to destroy parties. We need oppositions to keep the balance. Keeping MP’s wide awake 24 7.

PR is trying at its very best to win the election. They have the momentum since 2008 election. Some UMNO “veterans” succumbed to the promised promise by PR de facto leader. They switched parties. They think they have the chance to win. To be MP’s or at least gain something by supporting the leader of PR.

Maybe, just maybe, they will win the next general election. But what to lose ??? The current situation (back then) does not meet their expectation. Most of them who switched is those who does not have standing in the party or government. Shall I say, “The Forgotten Ones”. From a nobody at BN, to a somebody at PR. Safe to say, most of them are the second tier in preference. And supporters in PR is gracious enough to give them a second chance to the second best. If the latter wins, there will be lots of laughter and vicious comments. It’s like Malaysia defeating Brazil 4-0 at World Cup finals.


It’s correct to say that UMNO is a race based party. But personally, I don’t think its a racist party. Try to differentiate that. The fact that MCA and MIC stayed in the coalition for more than half a decade suggesting that it is not racist. If it is so, they have long abandoned the ship. Simple. Those parties are also fighting for their race interests. If UMNO is racist enough, other races would not even exist in this country.

MCA and MIC are also members of BN. But seldom attacked. For what reason ? Tell me bout it. They are also race based parties. The ruling majority. But the Malay based party is often scrutinised. By whom ? You have the answer.

When promises are made to several individuals, one makes the cut and many others will be left aside. I witnessed it in my line of work straightly after PR got their power in Selangor. Pity them, the strayed ones. I wonder how high these people will jump and where they will end up.

Some of them have switched back to BN. I read that there’s no BN leader switching side this time around. It tells me a lot. And of course,time will tell.

Young bloods nowadays makes good orators. Full of confidence. Well dressed. Up to date millenia character. But most of them makes bad MP. They have not tasted enough salt… ;).

For me, I prefer early 40’s candidate. Eventually, I assume they are stable enough. Lifestyle and financial perspective. But I can only assume.

Saying ABU or GAP here and there makes people grew concern about the party. Unfortunately, I’m categorizing them as haters. I despise haters. Often they are cheap and easily swayed.

It’s not about toppling. It’s about what will you do if you have the opportunity to govern your country. For me, DS Najib have a good chance of winning. But the players picked for the next election is the key factor. For he and he alone will not suffice.

Win the election fairly. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep.

Rather than bashing up contestors, they should give to us what they could possibly do if they are given the chance. At least PR given me some hints. BN has not. But to be fair, PR giving promises, that most of it, I think is not practical. But if BN does not come with some ‘coloured book’, I should give the orange book a chance. At least I know what I am expecting.

NKRA GTP and such is another way of saying that BN have a long-term planning. But most Malaysians need immediate action with immediate effect. Fuel price decrease, as an example. Manifestos are often too vague. Send clear messages.

I’m not a political advisor (obviously), but as a citizen, I want promises. At what reasonable extent??? It’s up to individuals to decide.

I suppose these NGO’s hating other parties is hiding behind some political agenda. NGO’s doesn’t win elections. They are not involved in administrating the country. But then, the number is increasing. Milking the cow in bright daylight. Don’t think I’m as naive as you think, dear NGO’s.

Jack, I know what you will do next summer…. 🙂


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