Protect The Minorities… Don’t be a economical racist

In the world of modern democratic environment, one is most likely to have equal opportunity to gain anything that they can afford to do so. People still segregating races as a mode to differentiate from another. Religion is another form.

Well now I am touching on economics in Malaysia, generally. Whilst I was reading an article by Forbes, tentatively there are only 2 non Chinese whom made the mark. One Malay and one Indian to be exact.

Malaysian tends to turn their spotlight on the minorities of economics. Social media, political parties. They are finding ways to take both of them down. Pity.  I’ved never heard them pointing their guns to the majorities on the list. Safe to say,  the minorities are not being well taken care of. Hard to say, they are shoved down six feet under. This is undemocratic practice.

As a Muslim, I wanted my brothers in Islam to gain wealth as they are bound to pay zakat. One of the pillars of Islam. Losing a great contributor, means that the baitulmal is losing a huge source for its operations.

Coming back to focus, degrading or far worst, taking the companies down, for sure will damage Malaysia.  These are the people who creates job opportunities by millions. Taking them down means the stocks are down, generating losses, down scaling their operation and at the end, the rakyat will suffer losing jobs. Well, I am making assumptions that the successor will have the same bashing too and consequently waiting for the time to fall.

I must make it clear that I am not criticising the majorities. I’m just saying, leave the minorities to make their way in open market. Give them a fair chance to fight for the top spot. Equal opportunity.


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