What’s Next Selangorian?

1.Tomorrow will be a big day for somebody. With the MB crisis which spreads from the “Satay Saga”, tomorrow will have a new episode for us to swallow.

2.Be it Azmin or Wan Azizah, or even an underdog from PAS, evidently we will have a new MB. With the much debated issues and fiasco going through, we are in the hands of the policians we elected. Period.

Now, what’s next.

3.The simple answer is to support the new MB. It’s that simple.

4.I am not an ardent fan of PKR nor PR, but we are stuck with democracy which many found it amusing. Not many wanted to adapt the great Islamic governance which spreads throughout continents, we choose to build a country from the ruins of the Roman empire.

5.Back to the topic, as for now, give our full support for the new MB. Like it or not, he/she is the chosen leader from the “district”, which probably one of the highest ranking personnel in the winning party, which is selected as the best (or maybe second best) from the available ADUN’s. Cut the crap short, he/she is the best there is.

6.To administer the wealthiest state in Malaysia is a big task for sure. Whomever selected, would probably want to have his mark in the history book as the best MB that he/she could be. To achieve that, he needs our support.

7.A term or two as MB, that’s the most. But Selangor will be as it is. We serve the state. Not for selective person(s). For that we must abide to our current leader. Boldly.

8.With the emergence of the great “social media”, one will criticise all they want. One will mock everything, making fun out of nothing. That’s the risk that he should be aware of.

9. Though knowing that the puppet master is running the show, stay focus. The onus is on the new MB to prove me wrong. As for me, the abiding citizen per se, bound to serve the state. At least not being a rebellious one.

10. As of tomorrow, TSKI will leave his office. I thank him for the tremendous work during his tenure.

11. We’ll see more drama in the next episode(s).

12.Politicians will come and go. Protect the state. Serve your leader. Abide to the rules.

13. The only time you can be the rebellious hippie is on the next election day. Till then, hope for good things to come.

14. If ever you have the feeling to topple the current state government, stop. Its not anyone else’s ground. You are burning your own paddy field (so to speak, but not so good reference).

What happens in Selangor, stays in Selangor.

Darul Ehsan.